As a photographer there is a need for the very best equipment to make me more reliable in what I do. Although many people will not be interested in my equipment, some will be and I want to show you that the equipment I use is top of the range and will not let you down.

This is the Canon EOS 550D. A professional range camera from the best photography manufacturer. This can take up to 18mp photos which will capture every detail on your special day.

This is a 18 - 250mm telephoto lens. This allows me to capture anything from a group picture to a close up picture of a smile at the perfect moment. This individual lens allows me to be quick and not miss a thing.

This 50mm macro lens allows me to get the fine detail up close and bring out the vibrant and stunning colours on your prints. I can focus on one point in the picture and distort all other detail making you the centre of attention.

Even on the sunniest of days lighting can be a real problem with photography. This flashgun gives me the power to direct the light exactly where I want it to in a millisecond. This way we can wave goodbye to any unwanted shadows that may ruin the shot.

This is the Apple iMac . The most powerful home computer on the market. This system is designed for graphical enhancements touching up those snaps of your day. I can apply some amazing techniques to your photos to make them just how you want them.

This professional studio allows me to give those crisp images on  a white backdrop. My lighting system gives the perfect exposure for taking the shot  and produce amazing clarity in my images. I can also set this equipment up in your home if that’s your preference.